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About Stories N Frame

 “We turn your special moments into timeless treasures”

Our Story

Our forte is attention to detail to every little movement, emotion, composition, and action around us. Our zeal is our essence, moulding us into a brand that makes the wildest imaginations come true. We lay special emphasis on colours, aesthetics, and emotions-

Colours: We understand the significance of colours in your wedding. From the soft pastels that convey innocence and tenderness to the vibrant hues that symbolise energy and celebration, we use colours to tell your story. We have a keen eye for the subtle colour palettes of your wedding attire, the décor, and natural surroundings.

Aesthetic: We are storytellers. And to write your great story, we capture the aesthetic that resonates with you. Whether you feel like a vintage charm or a modern elegance, we work with you to curate the perfect visual style. We tie every element, from the flower arrangements to the lighting, in your photographs and videos with an aesthetic appeal.

Emotions: Emotions are the heartbeat of any wedding. From the tears of joy to the limitless laughter on the dance floor, we capture every emotion, every hidden smile with precision and finesse. Our candid shots are not just photographs; they are windows to the souls of those who matter most to you.

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Our Favourites

" At Stories N Frame, we strive to provide an exceptional photography experience that captures your unique story and personality. Hear from our satisfied clients below and discover why we are the go-to photographers for all of your special moments! "

Yash x Sanchita
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